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About Fur Headbands

Although fur hats are, of course, a fantastic way of stepping out in style, sometimes you just want to show off a fantastic hair cut or new hair colour ? without the bulk of a full-sized piece of headgear. A fur headband is the ideal compromise. Get enough protection from the cold and wind and keep your ears warm ? as you set off your winter coat or other outfit to perfection, whether you?ve hit the ski slopes or are just out and about in town. So much more stylish than a woollen hat! A fur headband is incredibly soft to the touch, and these accessories are available in an array of colours, from standard winter greys and browns to pure snowy white to funkier brights like orange, pink and purple. Some headbands have a much fluffier finish than others, and some are made with real fur such as fox, raccoon, rabbit or mink. If you don?t want the genuine article, a good selection of faux fur numbers is also widely available. These are usually made from a synthetic material such as acrylic. Most will have a lining of polyester or satin, and some may have an elasticated panel at the back or may be adjustable. Get the fit snug so that it?s not too loose or tight. Some headbands are even machine washable. For those which are not, wipe clean with a damp cloth. For a touch of extra glamour and bling, why not consider a fur headband with a bit sparkle included at the front?