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Whether it's faux fur or real, a fur scarf looks fashionable wrapped around the neck, and holds in heat on winter days. The scarf never seems to go out of style, and always makes a stylish statement to onlookers.

Wear a black fur scarf one day and switch to a white one the next, over a wool sweater, coat, or blazer. Real scarves of the 1950s, considered vintage finds, include red fox, mink, rabbit, ocelot, and other furs

About Fur Scarves

There are many animal furs used in the production of different types of fur scarf, but all offer luxury, comfort, and warmth, as well as prestige and a certain degree of opulence.

Buying A Fur Scarf

A scarf is a functional item that is designed to keep you warm, and prevent cold wind from getting around the neck and upper body. The modern range of different styles, designs, and materials used in the production of the scarf also mean that they can be highly decorative, extremely luxurious, and exquisitely comfortable items, although there are some that do not enjoy the feeling of a scarf around their neck. When buying a fur scarf, it is especially important that you determine the animal from which the fur came, and the age of the item, especially if the fur belongs to certain animals.

Are Fur Scarves Legal?

One of the most pressing questions when buying a fur is whether it is legal. In general, fur from non-endangered animals can be legally collected or turned into clothing and worn. As such, items like rabbit fur scarves and fox fur scarves remain legal to buy, sell, and wear in the UK. There are, however, certain pelts that cannot be used or imported in this way.

Mink Furs

Mink furs are among the most popular in the world. They are known for being soft and luxurious, while also being lightweight, and a mink fur scarf can be worn with a casual outfit or with a more formal gown or dress. Mink fur is extremely tactile, and these furs can be among the most highly sought after, and therefore, expensive, to buy.

Rabbit Fur

Rabbit fur is considered a luxurious and soft, but more affordable, alternative to mink. The prevalence of rabbits means that there is certainly no shortage of pelts from which to make fur clothing, and like the mink, there is a variety of colours and patterns to choose from. This is another lightweight fur, and Rex fur, developed in France, is softer and plusher because of its lack of guard fur.

Fox Fur

Fox fur is not typically as soft as rabbit or mink, but it is generally considered to be warmer and longer lasting. The fox has a natural layer of guard fur that not only protects the fox, but acts as an additional layer of warmth protection for the wearer of a fox fur scarf. The fur is considered to be extremely attractive and, as such, it is commonly worn as an accoutrement to a formal or dress outfit. It is also used for creating embellishments on individual items of high quality clothing.

Other Furs

The mink, rabbit, and fox are the animals whose pelts are most often used to create fur, but there are many others. Beavers, racoon, and chinchilla furs can also be found, and each of these has its own distinct look, feel, and design.

Choosing A Fur Scarf

When buying a fur scarf you should consider the type of occasion you will wear it and with what style of clothing. All furs are considered luxurious and stylish, but fox furs tend to be the most popular for evening wear and to accompany dresses and gowns. Whatever type of animal fur you choose, you can select from a range of colours in order to buy the ideal fur scarf for your needs.