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Garden furniture turns the garden from something aesthetic into something functional. Garden furniture may consist of tables and chairs for picnics, lounge chairs for sunbathing, or garden cushions and lie-abouts for lying about.

Garden furniture comes in wood, metal, plastic, rattan, cloth, even leather. It can be antique and rustic or modern and futuristic in appearance and design. Some garden furniture amounts to park benches for enjoying the flowers. Simple or fancy, garden furniture is for enjoying.

See our expert tips on how to make your garden as comfortable as your indoor space. Tips on how to buy the best affordable garden furniture.

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About Garden Furniture

Garden furniture, the oldest of which dates back to the ancient city of Pompeii in Italy, is a great addition to any outdoor common area. The furniture can be made of wrought iron, plastic, wicker, and various types of woods including teak and bamboo. You may want to think twice rather than simply picking your favourite material for garden furniture, because you need to consider the climate in which you live. For example, if you live in a region where it is constantly humid or rainy, or humid and rainy all the time, you might consider a simple plastic over a wicker and canvas cushioned set. But if you are lucky enough to live a Mediterranean climate, wrought iron treated with zinc or other rust preventative coating is a viable option, and, for tropical climates, teak or bamboo are great options. Besides choosing the appropriate garden furniture set for the appropriate climate, take a minute to think of the acceptable amount of maintenance you expect on performing, and then choose a material and a style of furniture that will please you and your guests.

If you decide to purchase the type with canvas or coverings and cushions, also get covers to shield these items from the sun and rain. Talking about rain, an umbrella is also a great addition to any garden furniture set. When you've made all the decisions and purchased your garden furniture, you can finally have that barbecue party you've planned for a long time, weather permitting, of course. A reference to a specific individual, commercial product or brand does not constitute or imply endorsement or sponsorship of eBay by that individual or brand or their affiliation with eBay.