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About Garden Vacs

When your garden or driveway is covered in autumn leaves, a garden vac is the ideal tool to have in the shed. This easy-to-use machine saves you from raking or sweeping up debris. It comes in several different types, including handheld models or larger wheeled units. You can find a combination garden blower vac that allows you to change from the blower to suction, so that you can move the leaves into one pile and then vacuum them into the garden vac bag that attaches to the unit. Blowers can remove leaves from tight corners and underneath scrubs where your rake may not be able to reach. This garden equipment comes in petrol, electric, or battery-powered versions. Search for a model with a rechargeable battery pack if you need a machine that is lightweight and portable. A garden vac is a time-saving device available on eBay that makes it easy to keep your garden clear of leaves.