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About Gatineau Floracil

Ideal for all skin types, Gatineau Floracil is a makeup remover guaranteed to soothe skin. Gatineau Floracil is alcohol-free, which cleanses your skin as you remove your makeup around the eye area and the lips. Manufactured to the same pH as your tears, it will not irritate your skin, as your eye makeup is quickly and easily removed. The chamomile and cornflower help to prevent fragile skin becoming damaged while the glycol moisturises the skin, helping to keep it fully hydrated, plump, taut, and young-looking. It is available in 200 ml and 400 ml bottles from eBay. This Gatineau Floracil contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that allow the makeup remover to also be used as a cold eye compress by simply applying to a damp cotton wool pad and applying to the eyes. Algae extract in the Gatineau Floracil stimulates microcirculation that helps to remove dark shadows from around the eyes. Use Gatineau Floracil and look bright-eyed and feel fresh even without your makeup.