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About Gentle Leader

Using a gentle leader is a great way of easily controlling dogs of any size or breed that have a habit of pulling when walking. A gentle leader goes around the base of the muzzle but does not restrict the dog's ability to open its mouth. It also sits around the neck, preventing you from pulling the device so tight as to hurt the dog. You then simply attach a leash and walk the dog as normal. However, because you have full control over the head of the dog, it cannot pull, which makes walking your furry friend a much easier and more enjoyable experience, allowing you to relax. A gentle leader, which is available in all sizes from eBay, gives you the option of using a double-ended lead, which you can connect to a harness as well as the gentle leader for particularly powerful dogs, giving you even more control and further reducing the dog's ability to pull. Let your dog know you are the boss and make the daily walks more pleasurable for yourself and your pet as you relax while maintaining gentle control with a gentle leader.