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About Ghost Chairs

The Ghost Chair is a classic of modern furniture design. Originating in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries with the designer Philippe Starck, these chairs have proved to be highly desirable, with over one million sold in the first decade of production. Since their inception, other designers have reinterpreted Philippe Starck?s concept, echoing the sense of light flowing through the space occupied by the chair. Despite being a moulded piece, crafted out of an ultramodern material, the classic lines and traditional shape of most Ghost Chairs mean that such a chair will not only be ideal in a contemporary interior design, but will also complement a more classical space. The Ghost Chair has also been reconfigured in more edgy shapes and colours, ensuring there is a style of Ghost Chair to suit every setting. The perfect Ghost Chair is constructed of a single piece of transparent polycarbonate, injection-moulded with no seams. Although Starck?s original was colourless, both Starck and other designers have used coloured polycarbonate to produce a more quirky mood. A good quality Ghost Chair should combine strength, durability and lightness. The properties of polycarbonate allow this style of chair to endure all weather types, to be resistant to scratches and impact. As with all furniture, the quality of material and construction should be one of the most important things a purchaser bears in mind when selecting a piece to buy. An indicator to a quality Ghost Chair would be the rigidity and stability of the seat and legs when in use. The old adage, ?you get what you pay for? might be well worth remembering when making a purchase.