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About Glass Light Shades

Create colourful light details in a room or enjoy the simplicity and elegance of glass lines by introducing glass light shades to your home or business' lamps. As an alternative to cotton or fabric shades, glass light shades give you a more substantial lampshade solution. You can find a glass light shade with a cut-glass, mosaic pattern as in a Tiffany-style shade or one with a monochromatic and minimal design. A glass light shade may curve in a globe shape or feature an outward bell curve or flower shape. For a country look, you can find glass shades with floral details etched onto the outside, while the urban home may prefer a chandelier-style shade in cut glass. There are also combination lamps available that use a variety of glass shades in one lamp to give you a dynamic look. Light up your life in style with a glass light shade.