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About Goody Bags

Goody bags are a traditional gift at a party given by the host to the guest. The general idea of a goody bag is usually to thank the guest for their attendance at the gathering. There are a number of social occasions at which a goody bag may be used, with the contents of the bag tailored to suit the event. At children's birthday parties, goody bags are generally low cost welcome packages containing small toys and sweets. In this context, they are intended to keep a child occupied. In Western Culture, goody bags are also often used at weddings. The gifts inside may contain small mementos that remind guests of the soon to be married couple, such as a personal note. However, depending on factors such as budget and scale, goody bags at weddings may contain expensive items such as jewelry. Other formal occasions at which a goody bag may be presented to a guest include anniversaries and funerals. A goody bag may be used at a themed party, containing props intended to help people to enter the spirit of the get together. A film themed party, for instance, may feature goody bags containing a mini clapperboard and dark sunglasses. Goody bags may also be given as promotional gifts at corporate events. These normally include branded products from the company that commissioned or organised the event, or from companies associated with the gathering. Goody bags at these events are intended to promote the various businesses and products involved.