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Geforce GTX 660Ti Palit Jetstream Graphics Card

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Graphics card GeForce GTX 660TI HDMI, DP, DVI-I,DVI-D connection ports. Excellent gaming card.
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About GTX 660 TI

GTX 660 TI is a high-end line of Nvidia GeForce graphics cards which are built for use in gaming PCs. Cards in this product line often come integrated with two fans for maximal cooling. This prevents the card from overheating while playing extremely high performance and immersive games, thereby avoiding the card having to slow down, becoming damaged; or the internal computer fans from having to work harder to keep the system cool. These cards are capable of being used alongside other graphics cards for even higher performance, or for use on a computer setup that has two to four monitor screens being used. The maximum resolution on these cards is 2560 x 1600, which is enough to be used with virtually any monitor setup. The GTX 660 TI range comes with a core-clock speed of 915MHz, making these cards capable of handling the graphics of many of the latest gaming releases on the market, even on moderate to high graphic settings. This is of benefit to the user, as it means that they are not likely to be restricted in the types of games they can play, or the gaming titles which they will be able to buy. The cards can also be overclocked for maximum performance, reaching speeds of up to 957MHz. In the case of some models, the cards can even reach speeds of up to 1058MHz - giving them the ability to handle even more demanding games. However, it should be noted that overclocking, although improving a card's performance, can reduce the lifespan of the card and cause the computer rig to reach higher temperatures.