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About Hair Curlers

Some women love to have a head full of curls when they want to take a break from their long, straight hairstyles. For those who want to have beautiful curly style, there are several options to choose from for the ideal curling accessory.

Rollers are hair curlers that can work with any hair type. There are non-heated and heated rollers to choose from, and both type can give full, smooth, or spiral curls. For those who want to achieve long lasting curls, magnetic rollers are an ideal choice, since they can be used to set hair, even if it is still wet. Plastic mesh curlers also work well on wet hair as they allow the hair to dry quickly to create full curls. For those who have fragile hair, foam rollers should be on their list because they are soft and do not add further damage to dry, brittle hair.

Meanwhile, for those who feel that rollers take too much time to use, the other hair curling tool available is a curling iron. When picking curling irons, one thing that should be considered is the barrel size. Curling irons that have shorter diameters provide tighter, spiral-like curls. However, those who want to achieve loose curls, should opt for curling irons that are two inches in diameter. Aside from the barrel size, women should pick a hair curlers that would suit their daily needs, as there are several options to choose from such as, cordless curling irons, brush curling irons, and steam curling irons.