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About Hand Held Vacuum Cleaners

Since their invention at the dawn of the 20th century, vacuum cleaners have become a must-have household invention, making it easier than ever before to quickly dispose of unwanted dust, hair and other light debris. For homes with limited space, such as flats or apartments, for individual rooms, or for people on a budget, hand held vacuum cleaners - first introduced around the late seventies - are an ideal device to have. Hand held vacuum cleaners are produced by a number of reputable vacuum companies, such as Dyson, Black & Decker, and DEWALT. They come in a number of sizes, from smaller bagless devices, to larger ones with higher capacities. The prices vary according to brand, power, size and attachments, but serve as an all-round cheaper alternative to full sized vacuum cleaners. The devices charge in various ways, from battery-powered vacuum cleaners, to ones with mains power cables, docking stations, and even ones charged via the USB ports on a computer. There are also a number of different accessories available, from nozzle attachments which make it easier to remove dirt from crevices or fabrics, elongators and handles giving the device extra reach and flexibility, as well as extender cables and batteries. There are a number of things customers should check before purchasing, to make sure they buy the correct product. Some vacuums are only suited to dry dirt, whilst others can take wet and dry without becoming damaged. Also check the capacity and power needs, to be sure that the product suits your individual needs.