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Though most balloons can hold helium, those sold as helium balloons feature a coating to contain the gas longer. Moreover, foil types, distinguished by their shiny appearance, hold it better than rubber or latex ones.

Buyers can find themed and personalised ones for different occasions. However, balloons without any decorations in large numbers can create colourful floating elements, such as arches over an aisle. Adding helium balloons to your next party brings a lively and attractive touch to the event.

About Helium Balloons

Whatever the venue and whatever the occasion, helium balloons create a big impact and can brighten any room. A virtually endless range of designs and colours is available, but choose a quality supplier to ensure these are consistent. You can tie balloons to chairs, make archways and bouquets, personalise them to suit the event or just give a single helium balloon attached to a present. Have them with a child?s favourite film or cartoon character on them, bearing an individual message of congratulations, or, if it?s a special birthday or anniversary, have the balloon marking the relevant number of years. It?s even possible to get novelty ?singing? balloons which play a particular song when you tap them, lasting for about 50 plays, or which allow you to record a personal message for the recipient. And it?s possible to buy the inflation kit separately, or buy balloons ready-inflated. If filling yourself, be sure to get sizes the same, and don?t under-fill, as this can reduce flying time. Equally, these balloons can be let off into the sky, and will fly for up to two weeks. Choose the material you want for your balloons, from 100% natural latex to non-porous Mylar or foil, which stays filled with helium for longer. Also consider the finish ? from transparent shades to neon colours to pearlised surfaces. Size will come down to budget, personal preference and size of venue, but standard foil helium balloons are 45cm in length, with products of up to 110cm in size also available.