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Brave the cool fall weather and the freezing winter wind in a fashionable, functional Hollister hoodie. The lined hoods of some models have faux fur for extra warmth, while others have thumb holes to keep the hands warm.

Drawstrings, zippers, and buttons offer a chance to keep in any extra heat in brisk conditions. Super soft fleece and an embroidered logo keep your child trendy and warm whether going to school or hanging out at home.

About Hollister Hoodies

Capture the comfort and ease that embodies SoCal style with a Hollister hoodie. This American brand, sometimes referred to as HCo and owned by Abercrombie & Fitch, targets hip teens and 20-somethings with its trendy styles. You will find both zip hoodies and pullovers for men ("dudes") and women ("bettys"), with colours ranging from black and white to blue, red, grey, pink, and sea green. Hollister draws plenty of inspiration from the Southern California surfer culture, so expect to find designs that reflect this. The company frequently uses the seagull logo in its designs, but you will also find surfboards and other elements that conjure up images of surfing and California beaches, including prime destinations, such as Malibu. While you shop, keep in mind the thickness of the material for your hoodie, as a light zip hoodie will not be as warm as a heavier pullover hoodie, and be sure to check the sizing. If you have a laid back sense of style or you love the California surfer culture, a Hollister hoodie is sure to make a great addition to your wardrobe.