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About Horse Racing

Horse racing is an equestrian sporting activity with an incredibly long and rich history. Records show that horse racing has occurred in society as far back as ancient Greece and Egypt, with horse racing events even taking place in the ancient Greek Olympics. Modern horse racing remains just as popular today, with regular meets televised live on a daily basis, and main events attracting record numbers of viewers. Given the popularity of the sport, horse racing memorabilia of all types attracts fans, whether it's a piece depicting the successes of a jockey, a horse or simply celebrating the sport itself. Horse racing memorabilia comes in all shapes and sizes, from prints to programmes and even horse-racing silks, hats and riding crops as worn and used by competing jockeys, as well as replica items. As expected, items signed by jockeys or trainers tend to command larger sums amongst collectors on the market. Signed photographs, paintings, prints, programmes, badges, race cards and even betting slips all prove popular amongst horse racing aficionados. There is also a larger market for memorabilia from some of horse racing's biggest meets, such as race day events programmes, lanyards and race cards from the Cheltenham Gold Cup or the Aintree Grand National in the UK, for example. Usable memorabilia depicting famous horse racing moments (such as mugs, plates and paper-weights) prove popular amongst collectors and horse racing fans alike. Books, including jockey and trainer biographies and autobiographies, as well as publications detailing the history of horses, trainers and jockeys are also highly prized amongst fans of the sport.