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Horse rugs, also known as horse blankets, form a crucial part of horse care equipment. Horses are surprisingly fragile animals for their size and strength. They are vulnerable to the elements, and must stay warm and dry.

Horse rugs shape to the animal and fasten in place. Some horse rugs cover the entire horse, while others cover the withers and hindquarters and leave the head free. In various sizes, horse rugs fit both horses and ponies.

About Horse Rugs

You rely on your horse for companionship and the joy of coasting across a field at a full gallop, and he relies on you to keep him safe, fed, and warm no matter the time of year. Horse rugs give you a way to keep your horse safe and secure in even the most inclement weather. If you are looking for a blanket, there are a few features and design elements you should consider. The denier rating of a horse rug defines how sturdy a rug is, so keep an eye out for higher denier ratings. There are also different fabrics to choose from, including ballistic nylon that delivers an incredibly durable construction and ripstop nylon that prevents rips and tears from spreading through the rest of a rug. You should also look out for the the weight of the polyfill used in winter horse rugs. Shield your horse from the elements and keep him or her warm and snuggled in a horse rug.