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About Hunter Welly Socks

While strutting about in your fashionable Hunter welly boots, you may still discover that your feet are a bit wet, cold, and uncomfortable inside of the boot. Fortunately, with a soft and fluffy pair of Hunter welly socks, you can solve all of these problems while ensuring a comfortable, snug fit inside of your Hunter welly boots. Featuring 100 per cent polyester micro fleece and available in a whole kaleidoscope of fun colours, these socks serve as an ideal way to personalise and enhance the look and feel of your welly boots. No matter if you are camping for the weekend, visiting the family up north, or strolling around the city, these socks fold over your Hunter welly boots to optimise comfort and movement in all situations. By figuring out your boot size and choosing among the many sock colours available, you can easily find your next pair of Hunter welly socks with a quick trip to eBay.