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About iPad Mini Covers

The mini iPad has never looked better or been more functional than it is now with the exciting new iPad mini cover. Using magnet technology in a smart looking polyurethane case, the cover aligns with the mini iPad for a precise fit. With a soft microfibre lining, the display is kept clean and clear without the danger of scratches or nicks. The Mini iPad Smart Case allows the mini iPad to wake up when the case is opened and go into sleep mode when the case is closed; a great function that saves battery power for fewer recharges. The Smart Case also folds to make a stand for reading, viewing, or typing. Available on eBay in a range of vibrant and exciting colours and an option for aniline-dyed leather, your mini iPad is bright, cheerful-looking, and easy to find in a cluttered backpack or handbag. Setting a new standard for style and functionality, the mini iPad Smart Case is a must-have for the on-the-go and fashion forward. Snuggle your mini iPad into its new Smart Case and enjoy the function and protection that your iPad deserves.