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About Jack Jones

Jack & Jones was born in 1990, when Danish company Bestseller presented a small collection for young men at the Oslo fashion fair. The reception convinced the parent company, which also owns Vera Moda, Selected Homme and several other brands, to put Jack & Jones into production. It was a wise move. Jack & Jones is one of the best know jeans brands on the market today and is one of Europe's leading menswear producers. It has more than 1000 shops in 38 countries, as well as a presence in thousands of other stores around the world. While the jeans are still considered the main thrust of the business, Jack & Jones has developed a number of different lines and has split into five sub brands: Jack & Jones Vintage Clothing, Premium by Jack & Jones, Originals by Jack & Jones, Core by Jack & Jones and Jack & Jones Tech. The company focuses on reasonably priced clothes for the street, apart from its Premium line that has a higher price, higher quality fabrics and finishes. Its Core and Originals lines are its strongest sellers and have struck a chord with young men that appreciate a well-produced casual look. In 2007 JJ Eco was added to the line-up, which sells Fairtrade products. Boxer Mikkel Kessler, a legend in his home country, has been a face of the line since its inception.