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Jack Wills offers distinctly preppy fashion for men and women alike, with neat lines and cuts through its entire collection. While Jack Wills previously targeted university students, the arrival of its slogan "Fabulously British" has seen it veer off from this stance. Both men and women can choose from an array of formal and casual wear, as well as Jack Wills underwear, footwear and accessories.

Sport that private school look with confidence and enjoy the attention.

About Jack Wills

Using only the finest materials available and inspired by heritage of Britain, Jack Wills have been producing popular, high quality clothing and home wares since 1999. Originally based in Devon, Jack Wills blends both old and new styles to create clothing that is innovative. Jack Wills produce men’s and women’s clothing as well as home ware, kitchen ware, and bedding. Men’s clothing ranges from gym wear to striped blazers suitable for any formal occasion. Jack Wills also have a range of travel cases and phone cases, such as the Fermore phone case for the iPhone. Decorated with the Union Jack and the Jack Wills logo, it makes the ideal gift for a patriotic Jack Wills fan. There is even a Jack Wills perfume and aftershave set available. For example, the Start Bay fragrance for men is a blend of cedarwood, myrrh and English moss. No matter what you’re looking for, you can buy Jack Wills clothing and household products from eBay and enjoy being British.