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About Jiffy Bags

Need to protect books and other flexible materials in the post? Jiffy bags give you a lightweight shipping option that will not add to costs but still give you the protection you need for your goods and products. These padded envelopes feature a bubble wrap interior that confidently buffers packed goods from the bumps and drops that occur during shipment. Traditionally used for books, consumers can also use jiffy bags for magazines and manuscripts. Jiffy bags come in white and gold versions; the gold version is used often for mass mailings or commercial shipping, while the white option gives consumers a more attractive and presentation-friendly way to post. Both options come in a wide range of sizes that can include anything from 145 mm x 210 mm to 370 mm x 460 mm envelopes that work ideally with A4 documents and manuscripts. Post anything with ease and confidence by finding and purchasing jiffy bags before your next shipment.