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About Juicy Couture Baby

Founded in 1997 and based in Los Angeles, Juicy Couture designs clothes and accessories for men and women of all ages as well as women’s perfumes. Helping a baby to stay stylish even when they are just a couple of months old, Juicy Couture designs items that keep them warm, such as baby grows and coats. Comfortable shoes are also designed by Juicy Couture that provide support to a child’s ankles.

Baby accessories are made by Juicy Couture

Not only does Juicy Couture design baby clothes but accessories too. If a baby’s parents want to own a sturdy pushchair that is very comfortable, Juicy Couture is the place to look. Other accessories are available, such as changing bags. With plenty of room to store fresh nappies and bottles, Juicy-Couture-baby changing bags can be relied on. As each changing bag has a strong shoulder strap, many items can be put into it where it won’t buckle even when it is full. As the clothing that is designed by Juicy Couture can match a changing bag, a baby will look very stylish even at this early point in their life.