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About Kenwood Food Mixer

Kenwood Food Mixers are standing mixers; the base unit is a conduit for use with a whole number of attachments, each of which can transform the device?s function. Uses range from juicing, to making ice cream as well as whipping and kneading. The base unit comes with some basic attachments and others can be obtained according to the user?s needs. These can then be easily clipped on and off the base unit for usage. The dough hook allows the user to knead items such as bread and pastry, preparing doughs more quickly than hand-kneading. With pastry dough this helps to keep the high volume of butter from melting, which can be a problem with warm hands. The balloon whisk attachment can be used for whipping items such as cream and egg whites whilst also useful for blending batters. Juices can be made using the citrus juicer or the fruit press attachment, each of which works in a different way to extract the maximum amount. The food processor will allow the Kenwood to serve all of the purposes of any food processor, such as grating and slicing. For more specific usage, there is a dicing attachment which can be use for vegetables such as potatoes, as a well as a meat mincing attachment. A blender jug can also be added for creating liquid such as smoothies or milkshakes. To make ice cream, a special bowl can be obtained which is frozen in the home freezer and then used to blend and simultaneously freeze the ice cream mixture.