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About Kevlar Jeans

You may already look cool on your motorcycle, but with a pair of Kevlar jeans, you take your style to a new level, while protecting your body. Since the days of rockers in the 1960s, motorcycles and denim have gone hand in hand. These motorcycle jeans offer you the same tough appearance, but perform much better in the event of a crash. While these jeans look like ordinary denim, they feature abrasion resistant Kevlar and are constructed using super tough stitching to make sure that they stay intact if you fall off your bike. DuPont Kevlar is a fibre used to make lightweight, strong, cut resistant material. Manufacturers use Kevlar predominantly on high impact areas, such as the knee, thigh, and hip. eBay offers men's and ladies Kevlar jeans in a range of sizes and washes, including dark blue, stonewash, black, and even camouflage. All bikers can have the style, feel, and versatility of ordinary jeans, with the added protection of a heroic fibre.