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About Kid's Electric Cars

Children love to imitate grown-up activities, such as cooking, working with tools, or driving. In the latter case, kids' electric cars provide a safe, fun way for children to motor around the yard or driveway. These large, ride-on toys often look similar to a real race car, Volkswagen, or Hummer, among other models. Great for kids who weigh less than 50 lbs., these cars run on batteries and only go approximately 3 miles per hour. Built with a hard plastic or metal body, they include forward and reverse ability, working lights, and seatbelts for safety. Some versions use 6-volt batteries while others use 12-volts of power. Although most are single-occupancy vehicles, a few of these kids' electric cars can hold two kids from ages three to seven years old. These cars roll easily over grass or tarmac, and many types feature a remote control for parents. Whether your child wants a pink Mercedes, red fire engine, or blue Mini, you can find a variety of different electric cars to suit any youngster.