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About Kilner Jars

First invented by John Kilner in 1842, Kilner jars are iconic for their functional and simple design, as well as their sturdy and airtight nature. With the design changing so little over the past 150 years, Kilner has become renowned for its reliability, as well as having produced other products in the kitchen environment - all surrounding the original purpose of the jars: making and storing sweet and savoury preserves. Glass is one of the safest storage materials, as it does not react with anything that you put in it, keeping it fresh and untainted. The jars come with several different kinds of lids. Some lids are made of glass and sit just inside the rim of the jar, whereas others are attached to the jar itself and come with a mechanism to keep the jar shut. The latter are generally more suitable for pickling and preserving, whereas the former are good simply for generic kitchen storage. Also improving the airtight nature of the jars are the rubber seals which are sometimes included, and can be removed for washing. Some lids also come with a hole for a straw, so that the jar can be used as a trendy alternative for a cup or bottle. All brand new jars are see through glass, whereas some come with the Kilner logo embossed on the exterior. The jars come in various sizes, from smaller 250ml pots for individual portions of jam (ideal for selling or giving to friends) to the larger jars with several litre capacities, suitable for making large batches of preserves.