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About Kitchen Trolleys

Kitchen trolleys are versatile kitchen carts that can be moved from one location to another using the trolley?s built in wheels or casters. It is generally used as an additional area for working, serving food or storing kitchen equipment. Uses The versatile nature of a kitchen trolley means that it can offer a variety of uses. It is a convenient place to store kitchen equipment, utensils, cloths, food and drink, such as fresh vegetables or wine. Many kitchen trolleys usually incorporate a hard work surface into the top of the cart, which means that the trolley offers extra work space for standing crockery and preparing food. Kitchen trolleys can be used as movable kitchen islands or as serving carts, where food or utensils need to be carried to another location. Features Kitchen trolleys can be made from a variety of materials, including solid wood and stainless steel. Wooden trolleys can be finished in various paint colours to match the owner?s kitchen, such as white, cream or black. Commercial kitchen trolleys are usually made from stainless steel, providing catering services with a reliable, robust and cleanable piece of kitchen equipment. The top work surface of a kitchen trolley may be made of wood, stainless steel or granite, allowing a homeowner to match it with their kitchen work surfaces. It may also feature a butcher?s chopping block on top, in which case, it is called a butcher?s trolley. Below the top work surface, a variety of storage racks, drawers and cupboards are typically incorporated into the trolley?s design, offering plenty of storage options.