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Kudox radiators combine style and functionality to keep your home warm and stylish. Since they come in a wide range of designs, you are bound to find the right fit for your home. Choose from steel panel, flat surface, column, and slatted designs.

Steel panel radiators come in both horizontal and vertical models. If you have limited ground space, a vertical radiator might be the perfect solution. Maintain a comfortable temperature without compromising on aesthetics with a Kudox radiator.

About Kudox Radiator

Kudox are one of the largest suppliers of heating equipment in the UK and specialise in both steel panel and designer radiators.

They've become renowned for both innovation in design and a combination of both high quality products and excellent customer service. The company has continually invested in their technology to ensure that they stay cutting edge in a competitive sector. They are also OEM manufacturers for a number of the world's biggest brands.

When looking to purchase a Kudox radiator, there are a number of different options. Designs tend to vary according to the function required. For instance, a towel rail radiator will look visually different from a standard metal version. Choosing the right model will often come down to the personal preference of the customer and to what extent they're prepared to sacrifice quality and functionality to obtain the perfect aesthetic.

As is the case with most household products, Kudox radiators vary in price. The standard white radiators can cost as little as £30, with the higher level models in excess of £200. Again, choosing between them is a matter of the customer deciding what their total budget is and what their needs are compared to that.

As with all central heating purchases, it's essential to ensure that the radiator's technical specifications are researched in advance of purchase. It is important to make sure that the radiator will fit the room it's planning to be installed in and that the installation costs won’t increase the overall budget by too much.