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About Lagenlook

Lagenlook translated into English means ‘layered look’, a style and way of dressing that has been around for centuries and worn by women all over the world. The term first came into fashion usage when a German designer used the term to describe her mainly European, layered clothing designs. The name has stuck and is now used to describe layered clothing in Europe and the United States. The layered look can be styled by layering different items of clothing to create a unique and individual look, which can hide any underlying figure problems, or it can mean clothing that is constructed to look like layers but is in one piece. The Lagenlook, available on eBay, has gained in popularity and is quickly becoming a must-have part of a fashionable woman’s wardrobe. The layers can also be used to increase warmth on cold, rainy days and in winter climates. Add the Lagenlook to your wardrobe and enjoy the benefits of fashionable clothing that is also practical.