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About Leather Holdalls

A leather holdall is a great luggage choice for the casual traveller. Most versions of this bag are small enough to fit into overhead bins on airlines, saving you the hassle of having to check your luggage through airline security. It does not come with wheels, but has soft sides that allows for the stuffing of a few more items when you are packing. Available on eBay in different versions, holdalls usually feature two handles for carrying and a long strap for on-the-shoulder transportation. Most versions often come with side pockets or front pockets for easy access. The rugged leather in this relatively light piece of luggage stands up to wear and tear better than cloth bags, making the holdalls last through years of use. The material is also water-resistant and usually easy to clean with water and saddle soap. Consider using a leather holdall as your luggage of choice for airline flights or a few days away from home.