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Though leather laces serve as durable, traditional shoelaces, their most visually appealing use is as a decorative and functional element in leather goods, where they play an important role in the final appearance. However, they may also be the only ingredient, as with braided leather belts.

As for the different finishes, rawhide varieties suit braiding, while suede laces offer a soft look excellent for decorative elements. Leather laces help create attractive and durable embellishments that match leather items perfectly.

About Leather Laces

Part of making beautiful crafts is having all of the supplies you need, such as leather laces, which are available on eBay. These strips of leather material come in a variety of widths as well as colours so that you can easily find the best style for your project. Weave them together to make an earthy bracelet or anklet and throw in a few beads for a bit of colour. Make your own jewellery with leather necklace cord that comes in pre-cut strands with the clasps already attached. All you need is a pendant or charm to hang on it and you get to tell everyone about your handmade accessory. Leather laces also make great bows and accent pieces on clothing. Sew a medieval corset with eyelets at the seams, and then weave the laces through the holes to close up the corset. Get your next craft project started with a roll of leather laces.