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About Leisure Range Cookers

For the last 120 years, Leisure has been designing their range of cookers to suit a variety of kitchens, and since 2002 have been working under Beko Plc, the third largest appliance company in Europe. The brand is currently one of the largest creators and suppliers of range cookers in the United Kingdom. The Leisure brand began 230 years ago and since then has been producing range cookers since their first introduction in 1883. With a number of designs to fit into a wide range of kitchen layouts, the Leisure brand aims to fit their products to every home, suiting individual requirements and preferences. All ranges feature Catalytic ?Cook Clean? liners for easy cleaning. The Leisure range covers Electric, Gas and Fuel, coming in several sizes and colours, including blue, black, white and red, in order to fit to the personal tastes of the consumer. The Cuisinemaster and Cookmaster models, which come in 110cm or 100cm sizes, feature a number of options for cooking including double or triple ovens with varying functions, such as fan cooking, slow cooking and static cooking. The Cookmaster model can be additionally customised to include warming zones, 5 or 7 burner hobs, an animated display and digital timers. Leisure cookers are endorsed by the Good Housekeeping Institute UK, who have been quality testing various consumer goods since 1924. The brand?s 100cm and 110cm Cookmaster and Cuisinemaster models, as well as the Range 90cm and 60cm models, have been awarded Good Housekeeping Institute?s approved logo for 2013.