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With Lelli Kelly shoes on her feet, a young lady is ready to go anywhere and do anything. Fashion matters, even to children, and the place to start is with shoes. Everyone wears shoes, and the kind of shoes a person wears tells a lot about them.

Lelli Kelly shoes give a girl a sense of style and fun, to enjoy life to the fullest in sandals or trainers. Keep the fun on her feet.

About Lelli Kelly

Lelli Kelly shoes have brought fun to girls' footwear since the brand's launch in 1992. This delightful Italian-made footwear takes sparkle to a new level and there is not a dull shoe in the collection. Canvas shoes and baseball boots feature hand-sewn beads and sequins, but remain machine washable. Lelli Kelly sandals made from metallic materials and beaded floral designs show an excellent attention to detail. The brand takes the most mundane school shoes and adds interchangeable straps and pretty embellishments, such as cut-out flowers. For special occasions, party shoes retain their shine, with silver-toed ballet pumps. Lelli Kelly has shoes in all sizes for tiny tots to teenagers. To accessorise an outfit even more, the brand extended its range to include handbags. Look for floral print bags made from soft cotton fabric with ruffles, bows, and round handles. eBay is the ideal place to find a wonderful selection of these adorable shoes and bags for the darling girl in your life.