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About LG 3D Glasses

Enjoy all the 3D fun with LG 3D Glasses, but make sure that you know which pair is right for you. Passive 3D glasses come in two different styles and require no batteries to operate. Anaglyph glasses are commonly made of cardboard and rely on different coloured lenses to produce the 3D effect. Meanwhile, polarised 3D glasses rely on one eye seeing vertically and one eye seeing horizontally to produce the image. These are often found as clip-on glasses, like the LG clip-on 3D glasses. LG active 3D glasses require a batter and rely on open and shutting lenses on the glasses to show each eye a different image. Regardless of what type of LG 3D glasses you decide is right for you, search for free shipping on your new or used glasses from eBay's top-rated sellers.