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About Louvre Doors

Cover your closet contents in style while keeping the contents therein well ventilated by installing a set of beautiful louvred doors. You can outfit small spaces individually with a single, hinged, bi-fold louvred door, but most full sized closet spaces are set up with pairs. You can open and close each door separately. The primary feature of the louvred door is their several rows of slats. Most typically made of wood, the slats, called stiles, may be either fixed or operable, where operable means that you can tilt them like blinds. The smooth panels around the stiles are called rails. Louvred doors are most commonly constructed from wood, and they come in several natural and stained grain shades. It is also easy to find painted louvred doors to suit any interior decor. Hollywood sliders are space-saving louvred doors that slide as opposed to folding. You can outfit every closet in your home with louvred doors from eBay, and say goodbye to stale, musty garments.