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About Lustre Ware

Lustreware is a type of porcelain or pottery whose distinctive feature is an iridescent metallic glaze in one of four colours: silver or platinum, copper or brown, gold, and pink or purple, depending on the types of metals used in the metallic solution on the surface of the pottery. During the 18th and 19th centuries, numerous British potteries, including Wedgwood, produced lusterware; although there were some importers of this pottery from other European countries, most originated in England. Potteries along the River Wear in Sunderland created a-sought after and distinct pink or purple type named Sunderland Lustreware. Lustreware’s beauty makes it highly collectible, yet it is relatively easy to find affordable good quality pieces. eBay sellers offer a variety of Lustreware tea sets, plates, jugs, vases, ornaments, and other collectibles in a selection of finishes, which allows you to find the perfect item for any collection at a competitive price.