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About Malawi Cichlids

A Malawi Cichlids are colourful tropical fish that originate from Lake Malawi. Lake Malawi is one of great lakes along the rift valley and is rich in wildlife and tropical fish. The cichlids species can be found in great numbers in Lake Malawi and cannot be found in any other location in the world.

There are wide numbers of cichlids that can be found in various environments which have developed themselves to fit into these areas, this divides the species into various categories that need to be understood when keeping Malawi cichlids in aquariums.

The cichlids are divided mainly into two categories which are Mbuna and Peacock. Mbuna Cichlids can be found near rocky shores and Peacock Cichlids can be found in open waters.

Malawi cichlids are popular among people to keep in aquariums as they host a wonderful set of colours and interesting behaviours for fish enthusiasts. The vivid patters can determine the male or female version of each fish species so it is essential for anyone looking to purchase them to understand how to differentiate and look after each one.

Malawi Cichlids can have unusual behaviours at times and so the user must understand how to set up aquariums and to evenly populate it males and females.