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About Mens Diamond Rings

Nothing says luxury, high status and effortless confidence like a diamond. This precious gemstone was at one time mainly associated with engagement rings. However, today, diamond rings are often given for birthdays or other special occasions as a token of love and affection ? a precious stone for someone who is precious to you. Not surprisingly, men are frequently the recipients of these lovely and loving gifts and many stylish diamond rings have been designed with gentlemen in mind. Men?s diamond rings are typically heavier and bulkier than the rings that are designed for women and the stones may also be larger. While solitaire rings, featuring a single diamond, are popular, there are also some stylish men?s diamond rings which feature striking arrangements of multiple stones. Sometimes other precious stones, such as sapphires or rubies are used in combination with diamonds in men?s ring designs. Moreover, not all diamonds are transparent or even light in colour; yellow and black diamonds are also popular design choices in men?s rings. While gold is the metal most frequently associated with diamond jewellery, some men have a preference for the cooler tones of white gold or platinum or the strength of titanium as a setting for a diamond ring. While many men?s diamond rings are given as wedding bands, engagement rings or love tokens, there is no reason that a man should not buy a diamond ring as a gift to himself. The signet ring, for example, is a classic statement ring and often features a diamond or sometimes the combination of onyx and diamond.