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About Microfibre Duvets

Sleeping underneath a microfibre duvet is as close to resting within a soft, fluffy cloud as a human can get. Similar in feel to a down duvet, a man-made synthetic duvet is soft, light, and warm. In addition, a down duvet and most synthetic blankets can only be washed at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, which is not hot enough to kill dust mites. Fortunately, you can wash a microfibre duvet at a higher temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, which proves more effective in killing dust mites. Because you can wash it in hotter water, and the material is non-allergenic, a microfibre duvet is a great choice for your bed. Additionally, since the material features small pockets of air in the fibres, simply giving the duvet a shake once in a while lets new air in, and refreshes the softness. This type of duvet, if cared for properly, should last for five years or longer. Shop for a microfibre duvet on eBay, decorate it to match your own heavenly bedroom with a duvet cover, and send your goodnight dreams straight to cloud nine.