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About Microphone Cable

As a vocalist, you have bought your first microphone and you are ready to start recording and performing. The first thing you will need is a durable microphone cable to connect input with output. A high-quality microphone cable is essential to achieving sound fidelity and crystal-clear vocals. A decent cable will not only transmit sound, but it will transmit sound faithfully from one component to another without compromising quality. There are many connectors from which to choose when buying a cable, such as gold-plated, silver, tin, epoxy, and XLR. The best option is gold-plated, as this limits resistance, which results in clearer quality. Ideally, you will want an interface to which your mic can be connected, resulting in superior sound quality. Finally, depending on your usage, you may want a cable with added flexibility to prevent breakage when moving and coiling. You can find all varieties of microphone cables on eBay from a variety of sellers. Grab a mic, grab a cable, and start fulfilling your creative desires.