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About Musical Fidelity

Musical Fidelity are a British producer of high end audio equipment based in Middlesex. The company's founder, Antony Michaelson, is a clarinettist with a belief in the superior sound quality produced by valves. Musical Fidelity's products have been lauded by hi-fi publications since the foundation of the company in 1982. Among the important products that Musical Fidelity have released over the years are the Digilog (the world's first high end digital to analogue converter) and the MVX preamp. The latter product innovated by using transistors with a tube circuit topology. Musical Fidelity have also produced a whole series of power amps that have been described at various points as the best on the market. A more recent innovation is the M1 Clic. This combines a streamed music player, a digital to analogue converter and a preamp all in one box to give the listener control over both digital and analogue sources. At present the Musical Fidelity range starts with its in-ear and on-ear headphones and ranges up through digital to analogue converters, increasingly expensive lines of separate components until you reach the AMS range of components and the Titan power amplifier. The Titan power amp is the most advanced amplifier that Musical Fidelity has ever produced. They claim that it is unrivalled in terms of the purity of the sound that it produces, something that has been supported by several reviewers. Only 50 Titan amplifiers will ever be produced, but aspects of the technology have trickled down into the somewhat more accessible AMS range of power amps.