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About Nativity Costumes

The nativity scene is a popular theme for Christmas pageants at schools and churches, including some real-life nativity displays. Nativity costumes for children or adults are readily available, with the most popular of these including costumes for Mary and Joseph, the innkeeper, the three wise men, the announcing angel, shepherds, and various animals such as donkeys, camels, and sheep. You can even find ready-made costumes for the star of Bethlehem. Look for accessories to round off each outfit, such as headdresses, crooks, and staves for the wise men and shepherds and halos for the angels. Choose realistic animal costumes, but remember than one-piece suits can become hot and stuffy. You can dress yourself or your children in beautiful detailed costumes that perfectly capture the scene without spending hours sewing or making nativity costumes. Buy nativity costumes on eBay that provide enough detail to let you look the part and make your nativity pageant a success.