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You spend the majority of the day on your feet, so it makes sense that you protect them with Nike Air Max trainers to get you the support and cushion you need. Depending on the shoe, most models feature air-filled cushions that you can see on the outside of the sole.

Nike Air Max trainers continue to evolve with some featuring multiple air-filled pods throughout. Let your feet decide which shoes look and feel best from a huge rnage of colours and styles.

About Nike Air Max

The Nike Air Max trainers were first released in 1987. They have since become iconic in footwear throughout the world. There are various Nike Air Max models for men, women and kids. The shoes get their name from the large air cushioning unit in the heel. This is visible in many of the models. There have been more than 40 Nike Air Max models over the decades, many of which are still in production. Others are available only as vintage trainers and some can be hard to find. The different kinds of cushioning are Air Max2, which uses high pressure, Tube Air, which is visible in small circles in the midsole, Total Air, the same as full Air Max cushioning, Tuned Air, which has individual pods in different areas, Zoom Air, which is a low-profile shoe, and Air from the early 1990s, which was visible through the underneath of the shoe. The 1993 model had the first fully visible Air unit in the heel from the back and the sides, and the 1995 shoe was the first with visible forefoot Air cushioning. In 1997 the first full length Air bag shoe was released. Here are some of the most popular and notable Nike Air Max models. Air Max Light This was released in 1989 and called the Air Max II at the time. It was re-released in 2007 as the Air Max Light and is still in production. The early version was a successor to the Air Max and weighed less thanks to the use of EVA foam. Air Max 90 This was called the Air Max III until 2000, when it was renamed and took the name of the year in which it was first launched. In the original colour scheme the white, black and grey with infrared detail exaggerated the thick air cushion. Air Max 95 Based on the human anatomy, the spine of this shoe resembles the human spine and the materials were chosen to represent the skin. This shoe has been referenced many times in popular culture, such as in a hip-hop song called Hate It or Love It by The Game in 2005.