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About Norfolk

Nelson's own county, Norfolk is a low lying county on the East coast of England. With a population of just under 900,000, Norfolk is the seventh most populous county in the the United Kingdom, but as it has a lot of rural land, it has a low population density for a county of its size. The Broads are a well known network of lakes and rivers, that is protected by the Broads authority. This area, towards the east of the county, spreading in to Suffolk, is an area of renowned natural beauty. Many people rent or buy boats and leave them on the Broads all year round. It is possible to moor up at one of the many riverside pubs, enjoying the food and drink that is unique to the Norfolk area. Many things can bought that are linked to the Broads, including guides, pictures of the Broads and the boats the frequent them, and more. Not just holiday homes and getaways, Norfolk can also be linked to the world-famous Norfolk regiment of the army. Badges and pins commemorating the unit can be found online, as well as coins and plaques remembering those who fell during World War One. Old postcards can also be bought, featuring pre-20th century scenes of Norfolk, featuring many interesting sights such as old cottages, the Norwich cathedral, the Norfolk Broads or any of the many beautiful coastal towns and piers. Travel guides can also be found online, with in depth details on where to go and what to see during your stay in the area.