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About Oak Shelves

Oak is said to stir the British heart, and you can reflect that in your home with oak shelves. Whether you choose floating shelves or an entire shelving unit, you can rely on the strength of oak to keep your possessions safely supported. The big benefit of floating shelves is that they add permanent storage wherever you need it. Each shelf is securely fastened to the wall behind it, so you can place the shelves at just the right height for your needs or preferences. You can also cut them to length, so they fit places like the alcoves between your fireplace and the wall. These shelves are usually polished for smoothness and then lacquered to a high gloss for additional protection and long-lasting beauty. The strength of oak means that properly mounted shelves can easily support anywhere from 35 to 50 kg. The next time you need reliable and elegant storage options, head over to eBay and pick up some oak shelves.