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About Pallet Trucks

Business owners that need to move many pallets from one place to another should consider investing in a pallet truck. A manual pallet truck is ideal for pallets that operators store at floor level. You just steer the truck by hand, slide the fork under the pallet, use the lever to lift the pallet off the floor, and push the pallet to its new location. Powered pallet trucks are similar to forklifts, and are useful for lifting pallets that operators store off the ground. You can find pallet trucks online on eBay. Choose one based on the weight it can handle, which ranges from a few hundred kilos to a few tonnes. You can also find pallet trucks with additional features, such as weighing scales, wheels for rough terrain, and even those that you can fold after use. If you work with pallets, buy a pallet truck today and move them with ease.