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About Pastry Cutters

There's nothing like kitting out a brand new kitchen. For chefs and cooking enthusiasts, this process is even more exciting! For those who love to bake, it's important to make sure that all of the necessary tools have been purchased, and pastry cutters are definitely one of them.

Pastry cutters - as the name suggests - are cutters used with all forms of pastry. However, they cover a far wider basis than many people think. Some pastry cutters, for instance, are focused on cookies and biscuits - as a result, they're set out in particular shapes (such as little men, ideal for use with gingerbread), animals or numbers. Other pastry cutters are created to add little touches and detail to pies and pasties, such as the well known lattice effect, or simply cutting out the top piece of pastry for a nice chicken pie. Having a traditional pastry cutter is also essential, as it's far easier than using a traditional kitchen knife.

It's a good idea for any enthusiastic baker to have a few different pastry cutters on hand to make sure that all the necessary bases are covered. A set of fun biscuit shapes is probably an essential (especially for parents) as are a normal set for standard-shaped biscuits.