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Give the gift of a personalised jewellery box to a friend or family member. Select from a few different types, such as a silver or wooden box. For a young girl, choose a musical jewellery box, usually with a spinning dancer that turns in time with the music played.

Have a special saying or a person's name engraved on the lid of the personalised jewellery box. Buy a jewellery box as a present for someone you hold dear.

About Personalised Jewellery

Wearing personalised jewellery is a trend that has never gone out of fashion, because people love to wear accessories that have their personal stamp on them. These kinds of accessories bear a person’s first name or initials. Most of the time, the names are etched or carved on a pendant for necklaces or are spelled out as a name plate on a necklace or as a name ring. However, aside from having their own names printed on their jewellery, there are also users who prefer to have the names of their loved ones on the accessories that they wear. There are a lot of ways one can have one’s jewellery personalized. Popular types of these accessories include name necklaces consists of a name plate and a chain. Name necklaces have actually become a family tradition for some people who took it to themselves to wear their family’s last name as a necklace. For those who do not want to wear their whole names on their necks, they prefer to have them spelled out as a name ring. Personalized name rings or statement rings in silver and gold also come in countless styles and designs because gemstones and other color options can be added to them as well. These accessories can also make as thoughtful gifts when given to friends or family members. The personal touch gives more meaning to the accessories when they are given away as gifts.