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Popularised by Carrie in the HBO series, "Sex and the City", the personalised necklace is a trend that stands the test of time. Customised jewellery presents a fun way to express yourself, and with scrolling, cursive letters an engraved name, or Arabic lettering, the accessories become as one-of-a-kind as the person wearing them.

Whether people call you Nanny, Mum, Sissy, or some other nickname, let the world know your moniker spelled out in silver or gold on a personalised.

About Personalised Necklaces

A personalised necklace is an individual statement piece. Young girls can use square letter beads to create personalised necklaces to wear themselves or share with friends. As girls get older and more responsible, they can use silver letters on a silver necklace, with added spacers or other charms to further personalise necklaces. Growing up, many girls earn nicknames or pet names. With individual beads and charms, it is easy to remove or add letters without a high cost or obligation. The last option is a plastic, solid silver, or gold nameplate with predetermined font and size. Necklaces with bigger letters and font size command more attention while letters that are less than a centimetre in size are less conspicuous. Customising a personalised necklace is half the fun when shopping on eBay. With unique names, or traditional names, on a necklace, it is easy for everyone to know who you are.