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About Photography Backdrops

To be successful in portrait studio work, you must have great photography backdrops. From simple colour fades to complex patterns, backdrops set the mood of the picture and help create a focal point for positioning the subject. For example, cloth backdrops are great for creating a uniform look while taking pictures of smaller objects. However, when creating a dramatic look or dealing with special holiday scenes, screen backgrounds are best because they provide a more complex view. The range of choices in terms of themes is nearly limitless. Available types include vintage sepia tone styles, ocean shots, western town looks, hand-dyed patterning, and bokeh effects. Some types are great for wedding photography while others are perfect for children and infants. Still others simply add a wacky or romantic element to a shot, so consider buying one or more photography backdrops for less on eBay to expand your portrait abilities and add some pizzazz to your studio shots.